Blog Post – Research and Development -James Bolland

Blog Post – Research and Development -James Bolland

Since the beginning of the Canterbury quake reconstruction many earthquake prone and damaged buildings have been demolished and will be replaced with new builds.

Land in the greater Auckland region is increasingly being used for high density city apartments and small residential dwellings, with over 10,000 building permits being granted since 2010 (Statistics NZ April 30). This has provided residential construction firms the opportunity to grow and expand.

Other residential construction firms are looking to increase output over the next year. GJ Gardner is aiming to build 1000 houses during 2014 and are currently on track to achieving this goal (NZ Herald April 8). However with the large number of these firms competing to gain contracts, market share is scattered.

In any highly competitive industry a firm must have an edge over competitors. Cheaper and more sustainable methods of construction will add to the reputation of the individual firm. A reputation gives the individual firm a real and perceived advantage against competition, potentially increasing their market share, gaining them more contracts.

Research and Development (R&D) is essential for an industry as well as the individual firm to expand and become more efficient (NZ Herald March 14). The New Zealand government is funding businesses’ R&D if they meet certain criteria. To qualify for this subsidy, R&D must account for 1.5% or $300,000 worth of revenue.

R&D should be undertaken with the focus of providing industry leading methods and approaches to construction both residentially and commercially(NZ Herald March 14). A government subsidy will help fund this short term, however the learned benefits will make it an economically and financially viable solution long term.

-James Bolland

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